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How Does Remedial Massage Therapy Work?

One of the most effective ways in which to relieve pain that is consequent of a muscular, joint, nervous or soft tissue problem is remedial massage therapy. Remedial massage therapy is essentially a manual therapy that serves to recondition and activate your body’s musculoskeletal system. It achieves this in a number of ways, however that is not the only assistance that a proficient remedial massage therapist can offer you. An adept massage therapist will have tertiary qualifications and as such, the capacity to diagnose your pain and address it in the most effective manner. Remedial massage therapy can be broken … Continue reading

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Mobilise Stretch Classes!

Feeling stiff and tight? No time or motivation to stretch at home? Come and stretch with Mobilise! Our experienced team is now offering stretching classes to get you flexible and pain free. In a group of max. 10 people we will do passive/active stretching, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release and self joint and neuro mobilisation! These advanced stretching classes are run by our highly skilled and experienced Musculoskeletal Therapists who understand how the human body works and who can help you improve your joint range of motion, increase the flexibility of your muscles and lower your musculoskeletal pain levels. This is … Continue reading

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Remedial Massage near Wesley Hospital

In need of a massage after a hospital stay or appointment? Remedial massage is a time-proven way to bring your stress levels down fast, iron out any kinks and painful muscle aches and also help in rehabilitation after surgery or bed rest. If you’re looking for a great remedial massage near Wesley Hospital, you’ve found it with Mobilise Remedial Massage, the pain relief specialists.

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Repetitive Strain Injury Explained – That Niggling Pain Could Be A Sign Of Bad Things To Come

If you’re suffering from niggling and nagging pain that’s worse during the working week and seems to disappear on your days off – stop ignoring it. Chances are you’re experiencing repetitive strain injury or RSI and ignoring it won’t make it go away! Repetitive strain injury that isn’t addressed can progress to the point where it’s irreversible, even with the very best treatment.

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Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can affect anyone and make normal day-to-day activities such as washing your hair and even sleeping painful and uncomfortable. Shoulder pain can be the result of falls and injuries from car accidents. Age also increases the risk of developing shoulder pain due to accumulated wear and tear. The following activities and occupations increase your risk of developing shoulder pain.

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Tips for Staying Out of Pain at Your Desk

Headache, Neck and Shoulder Pain from Desk Work? Do you spend your work day tied to a desk? Do you forget to take breaks, especially when you get into your work mojo, then next thing you know, it’s been 5 hours straight on your computer? Your back, neck and shoulders are aching, and by the afternoon, you can feel that headache coming on… Ouch! The worst part is, you have to do it all again tomorrow!

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Musculoskeletal Therapy – What You Need to Know

Musculoskeletal therapy can sound slightly daunting but all you really need to know is that if you have muscles, a skeleton and something is hurting then musculoskeletal therapy is for you! Musculoskeletal therapists specialise in identifying the source of any pain and dysfunction that you’re currently experiencing in muscles, joints or bones in order to provide the most effective treatment and ongoing management.

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Stretching – All You Need To Know

Our patients often ask us, ‘What is better static or dynamic stretching?’ or ‘How long should I be stretching?’ The debate over stretching has been around for a long time, but recently science has proven a few things to help clear the confusion. We’ve done the study and brought you a top ten list for stretching!

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Deep Tissue And Soft Tissue: What You Need To Know About Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage therapy is all about you and your body. Whether you need a deep tissue massage for back pain, or a relaxing soft tissue massage to help you relax and unwind, remedial massage therapy is tailored to the individual needs of your body.

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Sciatic Pain

  Sciatic Pain   What is sciatic pain? The Sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves in the body. Its roots stem from the lumbar spine (lower back) and branch off throughout the leg. Sciatic pain, or sciatica, is caused with there is some form of impingement occurring of the nerve. Pain is typically intense pain felt down the back of the leg into the calf and even the foot in severe cases. Pain may be augmented by bending forward or by looking down.   What causes sciatic pain? There are many forms and causes of sciatica, dependant on … Continue reading

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