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Have you been taken prisoner by your own body? You work hard, too hard and you spend hours sweating it out in the gym, trying to maintain a perfect physique. You’re exacting and rather sharp with yourself, demanding gold medal performances in everything you do – from work to school lunch boxes. Maybe you’re a guy who works on-site, sore from carrying heavy loads day-in, day-out. Maybe you’re outside the square and living life, but stressed and tired, a bit frail for no reason at all. Very rarely do our bodies send up the help signal for zero – your body needs a little you time. How can we tell?

You’re Tired All the Time

You’re not sleepless by default, you get around 7-8 hours a night, occasionally less but enough to get you through the day without staggering or walking around like a zombie. Or it used to be that way. Now, no matter how much sleep you get, it’s always the same result. Short tempers, headaches, sore shoulders, shortened neck muscles – every part of you is crying out for a break because you’re heading into burn out territory. Step back and write down everything that’s been going on. We guarantee you’ll be surprised by the list.

You Feel Sick For No Reason

There was a time when you never got sick. Your immune system was rock solid and your body moved through colds and flus like they were nothing – you barely catch a sniffle in flu season. Now, your body is freaking out, running through a digestion gautlet and checking you into the VIP porcelain club. You’ve got a bit of a cough and a headache, you never feel quite 100%, no matter how much water you drink. How often do you take a break? A real break? Spend 24 hours this weekend disconnected from the world, your smartphone and social media, book a massage and schedule some meditation time.

Your Back/Shoulders/Arms/Neck is Always Sore

These areas collect tension like a five year old collects words to remember. When you’ve had a bad day, week or month, it translates into your physical health, cultivating a lasting source of discomfort and pain. While everybody should have a significant other who doles out massages, trusting yourself to the hands and expertise of a professional will allow you to let go of control and any doubt, enjoying the experience. You will notice the difference straight away!

Your body will never lie to you. Use the opportunity to take some time out and get to know the inner you, responding to the needs of your physicality before it impact your life completely.