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Sleep can escape us even when we’re exhausted. Some of us lie awake, staring at the ceiling, counting thousands of sheep while singing the latest radio tune in our heads, frustrated and counting down to the inevitable wake up alarm. Chances are, if you’re a person who suffers from sleeplessness on a semi-regular to regular basis, you’re packing a few serious back and neck issues contributing to the problem. But can massage really improve your sleep quality? The short answer? Yes.

The long answer? Read on…

Massage Relaxes You

There’s nothing quite like feeling every single muscle in your body slowly uncoil, one at a time, as experienced fingers reach into your sore spots and extract troublesome knots – the kind that keep you awake at night – through a series of deep tissue techniques and gentle pressure in all the right places. Occasionally, you may wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into, as your back prepares itself to defend, gathering your knots together and amping up the tension…but after a while, you’ll be relaxed and ready to get a good night’s sleep.

Massage Treats Tender Areas

If left untended, the knots and misalignments in your body could further impact your lifestyle, causing further fatigue, posture issues, concentration issues and your ability to stay engaged in conversation. Sleep, however, is key to living a long and happy life. Think about the last time you couldn’t fall asleep, there was probably a tightness in your neck or a pain shooting through your arms or shoulder blades. You’ve tried taking it easy and exercising more, but neither approach is leading to the sleep you need. Targeting those tender areas will eliminate the distress signals your nerves are sending to your brain when you’re trying to sleep; right now, your body is self-sabotaging.

Massage Promotes Peace, Meditation and Reflection

Massage is a peaceful, meditative and reflective exercise. There’s nobody else in your space, your alone with your remedial massage therapist, sorting through your tension points one by one; while we uncoil your body, take the welcoming and safe space and transform it into a place where you can be honest with yourself. What can you do that may help you sleep? Do you meditate or do you find it impossible to let go of things? When was the last time you reflected on your life, your career and where you’re at? Is there anything making you unhappy and is that unhappiness manifesting in your sleeplessness?

Are you ready to treat yourself kindly?