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An athlete’s worst nightmare is to develop a serious injury during or before an important competition. Whilst some injuries are simply unavoidable, there are various injuries that can be prevented should you take the correct precautions ahead of competing. One way of ensuring you remain in the best possible physical condition is to seek regularly, professionally delivered sports massages. Here at Mobilise Remedial Massage, we are experts in providing athletes with an effective massage as part of their training regime.

As fully-qualified and highly experienced specialists, there are three main types of sports massage that we can perform here at our fully equipped clinic. Read on to learn how each differing massage treatment can prove to be beneficial to you as an athlete.

Post Training Massage

If you often find that your body takes a few days to fully recover from a training session, a post training sports massage will prove highly advantageous to you. We can aid your recovery from muscular soreness and fatigue, meaning you can return to training sooner without experiencing any discomfort.

Pre Training Massage

If you regularly compete, a pre-event sports massage can significantly help to improve your performance by encouraging flexibility within your joints whilst also warming and conditioning your muscles prior to competing. Delivered up to 24 hours before your sporting event, this massage proves popular with the professionals.

General Sports Massage

Regardless of whether you are following a strict training regime or not, a general sports massage can be performed to ease tight muscle aches, back pains, sore joints and many other niggling injuries that are affecting your performance.

Whether you are currently battling your way back to fitness or you are concerned that you are at risk of picking up an injury ahead of a crucial competition, if you are an athlete who could benefit from a professionally delivered massage in Toowong, get in touch with our team here at Mobilise Remedial Massage. To learn more about how you can benefit from a sports massage call us today on 0473 090 442.