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Sports massage plays an important role in the life of sportsmen or women whether they are injured or not. Massage provides active people with various physical, psychological and physiological benefits.

Sports massage can help prevent injuries and helps the body to be in good condition. It helps an athlete to be more mobile, gain power, increase performance and helps extend sporting careers.

Physiological benefits of Sports Massage

  • Sports massage helps in reducing pain in the body. When you receive a sports massage, the body releases endorphins which serve as a natural pain reliever for the body. It reduces pain caused by tension in the body and makes you feel good and improves your state of mind and well-being.
  • It helps the cardiovascular system by stimulating a parasympathetic nervous response, which reduces resting heart rate. Source
  • The stroking movements that occur during a massage allow fluid to move through your lymph vessels and blood vessels. This allows for more efficient delivery of healing nutrients for tissues.
  • Sports massage helps in stretching muscles that could not be stretched in the typical way. When massaging, many muscles are stretched upwards and downwards as well as sideways. Massage also helps in stretching the fascia that surrounds the muscles and helps to release any pressure or tension that has built up.

Sports MyotherapyPsychological benefits of Sports Massage

  • It helps you to relax. Muscles relax due to stretching and heat generated. Another benefit derived from this is that with the way you are relaxed during and after a massage, your heart rate lowers.
  • Helps you manage stress better, reduces tension and helps you to relax by stimulating your nervous system. This means your serotonin and dopamine levels are increased while your cortisol levels which are linked to stress are reduced.
  • Sports massage helps to keep you relaxed and your body in good condition. With this achieved, you are able to feel more comfortable and your anxiety level is reduced.

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