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Ever wondered what the differences are between relaxation and remedial massage? Wanting a massage to relieve pain or reduce stress levels.  Here is an explanation to help you identify which particular massage you suits your needs.

Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage is essentially involves helping you feel relaxed and calm. The aim of a relaxation massage is to give you the chance for your body to catch up from the daily stresses of life.

When you decide to have this type of treatment, you’ll experience the following techniques:

  • A massage that focuses to relax and soothe you
  • The techniques will generally be long smooth flowing strokes
  • A massage therapist will enhance the massage by setting the mood of the atmosphere by using possibly essential oils (an oil that carries a distinctive scent extracted from a plant), warm towels and relaxing music
  • The amount of pressure will be deep but not to the point of pain.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is one of the most popular types of massage treatment in Brisbane. This particular treatment holistically addresses the entire body to ease out injuries, aches and pains that many people unfortunately get at some point in their life.

It uses combination of many specific techniques to find and heal damage, to encourage and improve the body’s own repair mechanisms.  The remedial massage technique can be strong or soft, shallow or deep depending on the initial assessment.

The benefit of remedial massage is that it can help stimulate blood circulation to damaged joints and muscles, which as result assists to remove toxins that may have built up.  Also, the massage can reduce anxiety and stress. For how we can help, visit our remedial massage page.

While both types of massages have many benefits, remedial massage in particular helps to address a wide range of aches, pains and injuries. Conditions such as neck pain, back pain, scoliosis pain, sport injuries and many more issues, which can be treated through use of many specialised massage techniques, through a Myotherapy appointment.

If you would more advice on which type of therapy is appropriate for you, please feel free to chat to us at our Toowong clinic on 07 3870 5990.