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Fibromyalgia Treatment

Your new chapter of recoverybegins with us and our unique chronic pain treatment approaches.


FIBROMYALGIA – New Treatment and Management Options at Mobilise

Fibromyalgia, a debilitating chronic pain syndrome, still baffles many physicians around the world and continues to be a scary and mysterious condition to those diagnosed with it.

Most of the time, health practitioners who see patients with pain, try to explain it based on the degree of injury, tissue damage or inflammation happening somewhere in the body. They look for the ”cause” of the pain and if none is found, the struggle in respect to diagnosis, treatment and management of the pain begins. Often patients feel like their pain is not real, as no-one explains to them why they hurt and how to put an end to their suffering. There is no fibromyalgia specific diagnostic tests and the condition does not come up on scans. Because of that individuals with chronic pain syndromes such as Fibromyalgia often hear that they have non-specific pain, “nerve pain” or that their pain is psychological in nature.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition, not just “muscle pain”

The diagnosis of fibromyalgia and the diagnostic process itself, have been controversial among health practitioners. This includes a history of widespread musculoskeletal pain and 11 out of 18 tender points as described by ACR. As the pain is often perceived as arising in the muscles and joints, with accompanying joint stiffness in the morning, Fibromyalgia has been considered an arthritic condition or a muscle disease for most of the 20th century. However, as our knowledge of the nervous system and chronic pain mechanisms has changed significantly over the last two decades, so has our understanding of Fibromyalgia, which is now one of the most studied chronic pain conditions.

It’s time we change the way we look at chronic pain. Join the Chronic Pain Revolution at Mobilise and learn the language your nervous system speaks. It’s time to be Neuroplastic!

Understanding your condition is the first step to successful recovery!


Fibro-Fog & Co. – What are the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

The most common Fibromyalgia symptoms include diffuse, multifocal (found in more than one place) pain, sensitivity to touch, fatigue, memory difficulties, sleep and mood disturbances. Many Fibromyalgia sufferers also experience headaches, problems with attention and concentration (Fibro-Fog), weight fluctuations as well as heat-cold-intolerance.  Irritable Bowel and Bladder Syndrome, dizziness and Restless Leg Syndrome are also commonly reported.

While symptoms such as persistent pain and fatigue are a result of the mechanisms underlying Fibromyalgia, they also lead to further symptoms and aggravate the existing ones. Pain and fatigue reduce physical activity which in turn leads to general de-conditioning and exacerbates pain, affects sleep and mood as well as increases physical and mental exertion. It is therefore crucial for health and allied health practitioners to take a thorough history to address the symptoms in a way that will break the self-perpetuating symptoms loop.

Pain and fatigue are major symptoms, but not the only ones…

Most people who develop Fibromyalgia have a history of chronic pain, regional pain syndromes, acute pain that lasted for a few weeks, as well as systemic infections, rheumatic or autoimmune conditions and physical or psychological trauma. It is not uncommon for ongoing infections or acute pain to trigger Fibromyalgia because of how they affect sleep, level of distress, physical activity, lead to obesity and poor life satisfaction and employment status.

The ACR diagnostic criteria have changed since 1990 and the tender points are no longer recommended as a diagnostic criterion. The contemporary diagnostic process is based on the history of widespread musculoskeletal pain and patient self-report.  As many of the symptoms experienced by individuals with Fibromyalgia can mimic other conditions, a thorough medical examination is also necessary to exclude other possible diagnoses.

Remedial Massage and pain management

We are neuroplastic – The new approach to Fibromyalgia treatment

Due to the nature of the condition, Fibromyalgia presents a challenge in respect to treatment and management of symptoms. Most recent treatment guidelines favour non-pharmacologic therapies over analgesia. Contemporary non-pharmacological treatments have been shown to reduce Fibromyalgia symptoms significantly which allows patients to experience a meaningful improvement of the quality of life. Mobilise offers the most up-to date, cutting edge Fibromyalgia Treatment and management approach based on the latest neuroscience research and treatment programs currently implemented in the biggest chronic pain clinics in Australia.

The Fibromyalgia treatment offered at Mobilise includes:

  • Graded Motor Imagery
  • Graded Neuro-Desensitisation
  • Pain Reprocessing Therapy
  • Virtual Reality and Relaxation Techniques
  • Pain Education
  • Manual Therapy
  • Myofascial Release/Cupping
  • TENS
  • Return to Functional Activity/Pacing

The underlying revolutionary feature of our Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia Treatment is client education. Chronic pain scientists agree that once patients understand their condition and know what they are up against, they regain a sense of control over their recovery and are more likely to follow their treatment and rehabilitation goals. Patient Neuroscience Education (PNE) has been recognised as the missing link to a successful outcome in chronic pain treatment and management and is now an integral part of chronic pain treatment programs in Pain Clinics worldwide.

Why is our Fibromyalgia Treatment Different?

Here at Mobilise, we address not only the main Fibromyalgia symptoms and its underlying neural mechanisms but also treat  conditions that may occur along with Fibromyalgia such as e.g. osteoarthritis, to reduce the peripheral input amplifying the pain and exacerbating other Fibromyalgia symptoms.

Our Fibromyalgia Treatment is based on the plasticity of the nervous system. Neuroplasticity means that our nervous system is not hard-wired but highly adaptable and can change and re-organise itself accordingly to the inputs it receives. And that is great news because it means that with commitment, determination and time and effort put into the recovery, change and pain relief are possible.

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