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Massages have been used to enhance function, promote relaxation and well-being as well as aid in the healing process since ancient civilization such as Rome, Greece and Mesopotamia. It consists on working superficial and deeper layers of the muscle and connective tissue by applying different methods such as remedial massage therapy, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. Here at Mobilise Remedial Massage Therapy we continuously get ask what the most common conditions massage therapy treats are. Continue reading as we share with you some of the common conditions massage Brisbane treat.

Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a very common condition we encounter at Mobilise Remedial Massage. Massage therapy effectively targets and decreases lower and upper back pain. Deep tissue massage is one of the most popular techniques used to treat back pain, helping calm aching muscles.

Migraine and headache relief

Some headaches and migraines are triggered by tension on your shoulders, neck and upper back. We use massages to relief the pain because they help relax muscles and also raise serotonin levels, which is a pain reducing hormone.

Therapies commonly used to treat these conditions are trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage.

Sport Injuries

Massage therapy is frequently used to treat recent and old sport injuries. We are recognised for our professional and efficient sport massage therapy. Depending on patients’ needs we tailor a massage routine to suit any training-program.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a very common condition we treat with remedial massage therapy. Neck pain can be caused by tension on the neck, should and upper back muscles as well as bad posture. We provide patients with remedial massage to help them relax and lower the pain.

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