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Last month we shared a few answers to frequently asked questions and promised a part 2. Today we will share with you 3 Neck Trigger Pointingmore answers to frequently asked questions we hear regularly about massages. We specialise in massage therapy and love helping patients feel better through our different treatment options. At Mobilise Remedial Massage in Toowong we provide as much information as we can to all patients so they know how to prepare for their first session and also to help them keep improving their overall musculoskeletal health. Please continue on reading as we answer a few questions we hear from patients.

Will the massage oils cause me to break-out?

Most massage oils and lotions are hypoallergenic, water soluble and non-scented; however if you have sensitive skin you should mention this to your massage therapist. We have a selection of oils and lotions and we can try different ones if you have sensitivity to some types of lotions and oils. We also can use essential oil blends in some of our treatments – but your therapist will discuss all of this with you before any treatment begins.

Is massage therapy always the best option?

No, some medical conditions can make massage therapy inappropriate. For this reason here at Mobilise Remedial Massage we ask patients health questions. By doing this we can determine if massage therapy is appropriate. If you need a more in-depth assessment, our massage therapists may suggest a Myotherapy treatment instead.

Our Myotherapists are extremely knowledgeable and well trained. If your condition is in need of further investigation (such as X-rays, ultra sounds, MRI’s or CAT scans) we will refer you to your GP as needed. Or if we think it is not a musculoskeletal condition, or one that may require a specialist’s opinion – we will most definitely let you know, and talk to you about your options.

This is why it is very important you tell your massage therapist if you have any medical problems or are taking medications.

What is the normal duration of a massage treatment?

The normal remedial massage session lasts around one hour. If you are looking for a half-hour appointment please bear in mind this will only be a partial session and we will focus on only certain parts of the body such as neck and shoulders, back or legs and feet. Our Myotherapy initial sessions go for about 75 minutes, allowing us enough time to do a detailed assessment, full treatment and begin planning home rehabilitation for you.

If you would like more info 0473 090 442 for Mobilise Toowong. We’d love to help you!