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Back Pain

Here at Mobilise Remedial Massage we are the musculoskeletal masters. We tailor individual solutions based on our client’s needs to treat a range of musculoskeletal ailments in Brisbane including back pain, ligament and tendon damage, soft tissue conditions and muscular pain. If you’ve ever had an injury to your muscles (ask a professional athlete) you’ll know that often the pain can be severe.  In this news article we’ll look at what myotherapy specifically is and how it works to treat pain and discomfort.

What exactly is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a holistic approach to repair muscles and the skeletal system based on a variety of different techniques. Since the body can easily feel pain from activities from work, stress, sport and even just day to day functioning, myotherapy target areas of pain and discomfort in the muscles and skeleton. It does this by using a range of mobilisation strategies to increase movement and ease discomfort. All the Myotherapists at Mobilise Remedial Massage hold Bachelor Degrees in either Myotherapy or Musculoskeletal Therapy (MST), as well as Diplomas in Remedial Massage.

What are people saying about MST?

Myotherapy has been embraced as a natural alternative to pain relief medications with industry experts citing the beneficial holistic approach to muscle strengthening and conditioning, joint and neurological management, and musculoskeletal home rehabilitation plans. The techniques used in Myotherapy are implemented with a long term pain relief solution in mind, rather than a temporary solution. The use of evidence based orthopaedic testing, as well as the combination of soft tissue (massage) techniques, along with more advanced solutions in respect to joint and nerve treatments (like mobilisation, neural flossing and dry needling) means that Myotherapy can offer a far more comprehensive and effective solution to pain relief than other bodywork modalities.

What pain relief methods are used in Myotherapy?

Depending on the client and the source of the discomfort, Myotherapy techniques are hands-on and can include techniques like muscle energy techniques (MET’s) where muscles in question are lengthened and then isometrically contracted. This provides relief since muscles work against resistance, and are allowed to lengthen with reduced neurological protection. Lymphatic drainage, stretching, deep tissue massage, cupping and dry needling (to address myofascial trigger points) are additional methods frequently used in MST.

If you’ve previously tried chiropractic and physio techniques for pain relief without significant results you owe it to yourself to give myotherapy a try. Many of our patients have reported increased effectiveness of myotherapy when compared to other chiropractic and physio treatments and after trying myotherapy, they wish they had come to us sooner. Don’t put up with uncomfortable muscular pain any longer – book a consultation and we’ll tailor a myotherapy treatment to work for you. Call 0473 090 442 for our Toowong location to chat to one of our expert Myotherapists, or book online today!