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Mobilise Remedial Massage

One of the most effective ways in which to relieve pain that is consequent of a muscular, joint, nervous or soft tissue problem is remedial massage therapy. Remedial massage therapy is essentially a manual therapy that serves to recondition and activate your body’s musculoskeletal system. It achieves this in a number of ways, however that is not the only assistance that a proficient remedial massage therapist can offer you. An adept massage therapist will have tertiary qualifications and as such, the capacity to diagnose your pain and address it in the most effective manner. Remedial massage therapy can be broken into two main categories; massage therapy and spots massage, both of which are examined below.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is the method by which a massage therapist will aid in the healing of muscular, soft tissue, spinal or nervous impingement and contribute towards a patient’s ongoing recovery. A good massage therapist will often utilise various specific methods of massage, depending on the issue. In identifying any underlying causes of pain or discomfort, a massage therapist will be able to tailor a suitable approach to each customer. Listed below are some of the most frequently encountered causes of pain and how a massage therapist might address them.

  • Posture

Arguably the leading cause of back and neck pain, poor posture is rife amongst those who spend a considerable amount of time seated; in particular those with office jobs. Massage therapy can remedy the consequences of poor posture in a number of ways – most notably through massage, trigger point therapy and stretching. They are not limited to these, however and a skilled massage therapist will address your issues on their merit; each solution will be tailored to your circumstances.

  • Injury

Injuries can have a lasting effect on joints, muscles, nerves and soft tissue. Massage therapy can assist in your recovery through the enhancement of your body’s repair mechanisms. This allows for a quicker recovery and is achieved by a range of approaches that include but are not limited to massage, joint mobilisation, dry needling and trigger point therapy.

Sports massage is an aspect of remedial massage therapy that is centred on tailoring a practical and multifaceted approach to wellbeing. As its name would suggest, sports massage is most commonly applied to athletes and serves to address injuries that they may encounter in the course of their sport. Contrary to other forms of treatment, sports massage is typically accompanied by rehabilitation advice so as to ensure that the problem remains supressed and heals at a quicker rate. Rehabilitation programs vary in nature and a good massage therapist will approach your issues on their merit and develop a strategy by which to effectively and swiftly address any injuries or discomfort you may encounter.

When can remedial massage be employed to greatest effect?

Remedial massage is one of the most versatile treatments for muscular, joint, nervous or soft tissue impediments and the circumstances in which it is applicable, are endless. For those suffering back or neck pain, remedial massage is a very effective and well-founded approach to not only pain management but also long term healing. Such treatment dispenses of potentially harmful pharmaceutical methods and focuses more on achieving the best possible outcome for a patient over a long period of time, as well as alleviating immediate pain or discomfort.

A good remedial massage therapist first diagnoses the issue, then addresses it using the abovementioned methods – massage, joint mobilisation, trigger point therapy, MET/PNF stretching or dry needling. These will be coupled with rehabilitation programs and advice to create the best possible chances for patient recovery. Additionally, treatment can vary from soft or deep, to gentle or strong depending on your requirements. It is through this targeted and systematic approach that remedial massage therapy is of such great utility in pain management and bodily healing.

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