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Are the toils of day to day life leaving you feeling depleted, stressed and run down? It’s not uncommon for us to feel not at our best, especially during the winter season where our body’s immune systems can become weakened more easily.
Smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, being overweight and immobility can lead to high blood pressure from hypertension and massage can help alleviate some of  the symptoms of headaches and high blood pressure.

Lots of people experience high blood pressure, is it really a concern?

Yes. Since high blood pressure can damage the kidneys, heart and other internal organs, continued high blood pressure is a serious health concern. Despite what some people may tell you, high blood pressure can be prevented, and even though you may not notice the symptoms of high blood pressure does not mean that there is not a risk, and methods to manage it cannot be taken. At Mobilise, we have Bachelor Degree qualified Myotherapists who can work with your GP to ensure you get the safest and best treatment for your health needs.

How does massage help?

Massage therapy can reduce pain and help to reduce built up stress. People suffering from hypertension need to monitor their stress levels, and massage is one great way of addressing this. Several studies recently one from the University of Florida in 2005 showed 10 patients suffering from hypertension each received ten 10 minutes massages over a three week period had their blood pressure measured and this was significantly reduced, compared to a control group with the same condition which received no massages.

How does massage help with headaches?

Deep tissue massage especially centralised around the shoulder and neck can help migraine sufferers and people suffering from tension headaches. By using trigger point therapy on various pressure points around the neck, muscle tension is reduced and combining this with joint mobilisation and traction (myotherapy treatments) headaches and migraines resulting from cervicogenic origins can be reduced in both frequency and intensity. It’s important to note that massage is just one technique to assist frequent headache sufferers.

If you suffer from tension headaches, high blood pressure or a just feeling the pressure from increased stress, Mobilise Remedial Massage are here to help. Don’t you owe it to yourself to book a massage with in one of Brisbane’s leading massage therapy clinics?