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The history of the art of massage is old and colourful. From different cultures in Asia to parts of Europe, the delicate art of massage has constantly been reinvented across times and borders.

Famous for providing relief from pain and stress, it has developed into an intricate science with different styles, techniques and positions.  With motions ranging from pressing to kneading the body’s soft tissue with hands, fingers, forearms, elbows and even feet.

The world has taken notice of massage therapy with incursions into the world of sports science, physiotherapy alongside traditional and alternative medicine. With such immense benefits, we take a look at convincing reasons why you should consider incorporating massage therapy into your lifestyle.

Ease stress and stress related conditions

A build-up of stress over time is a precursor of many ailments and should be avoided. Unfortunately, we place ourselves in the firing line of stress every day trying to juggle so many activities and emotions. Stress when improperly managed leads to changes in our behaviour, mind and body. It can create sleep problems, affect our sex drive, cause fatigue and exacerbate anger and anxiety issues.

Massage therapy is thankfully very flexible and can accommodate very tedious lifestyles. For a person facing stress at work a 10 to 15 minutes, chair massage would do wonders and prevent burnout. Massage therapy helps to lower heart rate, relax muscles and bring down blood pressure.  Making massage therapy a part of our lifestyle is undoubtedly essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Facilitates post-operative rehabilitation

As we rush through life oblivious of what is around the corner, life springs a few surprises. Many people who go under the knife often come out unprepared for what is to come. The process of rehabilitation can be slow and painful especially for accident victims as it involves the vital process of relearning.

Massage therapy can ease this process and relax the muscles. It can also increase blood circulation to the affected area, reduce the chances of swelling and the occurrence of scarring by making the muscles supple. Overall, massage therapy can make the recovery process quicker and help to reduce pain on the way to complete rehabilitation.

Flexibility and joint movement

Most adults live a sedentary lifestyle. 9 to 5 workdays are spent hunched over small screens, all the while sitting down. This continual poor posture tightens the joints and leads to a limited range of motions.

Massage therapy helps to loosen up your muscles. It also prepares your body for a workout session, particularly when it is accompanied by light stretching exercises which elongate the muscles.


Participation in sports takes a toll on the body whether professionally or as a hobby. Sporting activities place a demand on your body that it must be ready to meet or there will be a breakdown, with you being the worse for it.

Before any sporting activity, massage therapy prepares your body for what is to come and lightens you. It also aids recovery after activity which is very vital to injury prevention.

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