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Remedial MassageMassage is an undoubtedly popular and effective method of seeking relief from muscular pain, stress and other ailments that often affects us due to our hectic schedules. While many associate muscular pains are from more active pursuits such as athletics or physically demanding jobs, those bound to an office chair five days a week might also suffer from neck pain and RSI. Massaging the affected areas can provide instant relief as well as a host of other benefits.

So how can a remedial massage get you feeling relaxed and more mobile?

Remedial massage takes a holistic approach when it comes to restoring your wellbeing both physically and mentally. Here are four key benefits a remedial massage can provide:

1) Get your blood flowing

Some of the key benefits of remedial massage include improved blood circulation to the muscles, allowing toxins to be removed. This, in turn, this helps calm the peripheral nervous system to ease any pain or discomfort.

2) Stop muscular pain in its tracks

Does that twinge in your neck occur more often than it really should? Remedial massage is an excellent way of addressing chronic muscular pain such as tennis elbow and scoliosis. If you suffer from lower back pain, headaches, injuries sustained from sport or repeated movement, remedial massage will help improve lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and waste.

3) Repair and calm

Using remedial massage to relieve muscular stiffness and tension will also help improve muscle fibre adhesions and heal soft tissue. The flow-on effect to your body’s peripheral nervous system will ease pain and discomfort and improve the health of cells and repairing tissues.

4) De-stress and relax

If you are plagued by constant headaches, irritability, or inability to focus you may well be dealing with symptoms of anxiety or stress. Suffering from anxiety or high stress levels on a regular basis inflict a number of negative health issues on the body such as digestive complaints, high blood pressure, eczema, back, neck and shoulder pain and heart disease. Characteristic of anxiety include rapid breathing, sweating, phobias or obsessive compulsive disorders and panic attacks. Remedial massage can help calm these physical manifestations and help the body to heal.


Don’t forget to give yourself time to heal as your muscles may feel a little tender after treatment, and it’s common to feel tired or a little light-headed. It is recommended that you avoid excessive, heavy exercise during this healing process in order to achieve the maximum benefits of a remedial massage.

If you are considering a remedial massage to help you manage a long-term injury or on-going issue, it’s important to remember that remedial massage is different to a relaxation massage as it aims to increase range of motion and provide soft tissue release. This may initially cause discomfort in some, as it is a therapeutic clinical treatment designed to achieve specific results.