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muscular imbalance

Muscular Imbalances could be affecting your performance and you might not even know it! Muscle imbalances are a common problem for all athletes and can not only have a negative effect on athletic performance but increase the chances of injuries.You may experience problems with your performance and not even realise that it is as a result of muscle imbalance.

Muscle imbalance can be attributed to two changes in muscle integrity.

• A shortening of a muscle that provides movement
• A weakening of a muscle that provide stability

These changes affect the muscles ability to function correctly and cause muscle imbalance.

But how does this affect performance?

It’s all to do with movement:

• The shortened muscles reduce the available range of motion for a joint, thus place greater stresses on joint and lead to injury.
• A short muscle will inhibit its opposing muscle via a phenomenon called ‘reciprocal inhibition’ creating an imbalance across the joint.
• Weak stabilising muscle will result in reduce endurance, and require compensation from less effective muscles.

A myotherapist is trained in the assessment and treatment of these muscle imbalances. By identifying possible imbalance early, you can reduce the chance of injury and stay one step ahead of the competition. If you would like to talk to one of our therapists about this, please call our Toowong clinic on 0473 090 442.