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Workplaces can often be quite dangerous especially the thousands of jobs that involves labour intensive tasks. Despite using the recommended treatment it can take months for injuries to heal and recover from pain. Remedial Massage can be a great natural treatment to speed up recovery times and give you back the gift of movement, and help you be free of pain.

Remedial Massage uses special techniques to stretch and lengthen joined tissue and muscle to lower pain.  The benefits of this type of massage are that it reduces chronic, increases the rate of recovery, improvement of muscles and joints caused by workplace injuries.  Regular remedial massage is important after enduring a severe injury and to sustain a good working recovery regime.

The main goal of this massage is to improve the recovery process and to allow the body to recover better by the application of targeted massage. Massage therapy techniques target particular parts of the body to enhance nerve and blood circulation and improve the areas of the body that are trying to recover and maintain a healthy body condition.

What kind of remedial massage do I get?

If you’re unsure what type of massage to get, you can speak with us and we will advise you on the best options suited to your needs.  Generally, a GP management plan will recognise Myotherapy and Remedial Massage to help with the costs of treatment.

People who work in the office and spend many hours at the desk can also reap the benefits from remedial massage. The massage therapy relaxes stiff muscles caused from small repetitive movements.

Will my private health insurance cover the costs?

Most Private medical insurers approve myotherapy and remedial massage treatments and pay benefits towards the massage. It is important to double check with your health fund provider whether they will pay benefits to your selected massage therapist. Mobilise Remedial Massage practitioners are all registered with all major Australian Health insurers and you will be able to claim benefits instantly through our HiCaps system.

Patients who experience the below symptoms can also benefit from remedial massage:

  • anxiety and stress
  • back and neck pain
  • sprains
  • insomnia
  • arthritis

If you’ve fallen victim to workplace strains or injuries call Mobilise Remedial Massage today and we our qualified therapists can bring your body back from the discomfort caused by workplaces injuries. Or book online now