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massage therapyLike in many industries there are many misconceptions and misguided attitudes about massage, despite the practice being successfully used for thousands of years. That’s why we’d like to set the record straight surrounding massage therapy. Read on as we shed light on some of common and sometime subtle misconceptions people have about the practice of massage and the wider industry.

‘Anyone can give a massage’

It’s true that anyone can attempt to give a massage but a massage from your friend and a professional massage from an accredited therapist are two very different things. The right equipment, knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and how to best target pain and tension areas will quickly render a massage from a qualified licensed therapist the more effective option.

‘Massage therapist, masseuse and masseur all mean the same’

While they all describe the practice of massage these titles actually mean different things. A massage therapist title is only given to those who have received industry recognised accreditations, whereas masseuse and masseur are titles given to people that have worked in parlours, but without formal education in the industry.

‘A massage needs to be painful to be effective’

This is one of the most persistent ideas that to be effective, you must experience some form of pain when receiving your massage. A massage that is painful is in fact counterproductive since too much pressure can cause tightening and tensing of the muscle being worked. While people often experience some level of discomfort from deep tissue massage, extreme pain should never part of the equation in a good massage.

‘A massage can spread cancer cells’

Stop the alarm bells – there is absolutely no truth to this theory which states that massage can spread cancerous cells around the body through improved circulation of the bloodstream. The pressure from a massage is little more than taking long shower and if this were the case exercise and general movement could also be said to do the same thing. The spread of cancer cells is a long and complicated process, and one which is not affected by any sort of massage. Here’s some great reading on the subject from the Cancer Council of NSW. 

It’s true there are many assumptions in most industries but here at Mobilise Remedial Massage we’ve got the real facts and we’re happy to answer any of your massage related questions so don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Phone 0473 090 442 for our Toowong location!