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How massage reduces stress

Basically, a massage offers several benefits to the body including relieving stress. Stress is believed to be a major risk factor for several prolonged diseases and can actually lead to symptoms becoming worse. There are a lot of massage therapies available, what is important is to find the therapist and therapy that meets your needs as well as lower your stress levels.


Massage generally refers to rubbing, pressing and working the skin, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Massage on the body can be gentle by rubbing lightly, or deeper pressure can be applied. There are various techniques of massage including deep massage, Swedish massage or sports massage.

There are various health benefits you stand to gain by taking a massage so if you have not had one you can try it out.


Stress can cause a lot of harm to your body. For instance, it can lead to an increase to your blood pressure and heart rate and can lead to your muscles tighten up. If you are stressed for a long time it can affect your body negatively. Massage helps you feel calm by putting your body and mind at ease, as well as relaxing your body and relieving you of stress.

Massage is seen as part of alternative and complementary medicine and is widely used side by side with regular treatment for many medical situations and circumstances. Research over time has shown that massage offers a lot of benefits including reducing stress, tension in muscles and pain. Below are more detailed benefits of massage, they include:

Stress leads to the muscles in the body to get tense. In situations where the stress does not last long the muscles relax. On the other hand, if the stress is continuous the muscle could be left in somewhat tensed state and could lead to issues such as neck pain, headache, pains and aches in the joints, prolonged back pain among others.

In such situations, a therapy can help in relieving tension in the muscles and relax them. Different techniques can be used by a massage therapist such at stretch, stroke rub or placing pressure on the muscle to enable them get back to their relaxed state which will help reduce the aches and pains from stress.


When reacting to stress, the body preserves energy by subduing the immune and digestive system. This causes increased circulation to the heart, lungs and in serious stress cases can lead to decrease in activities of the immune system causing increase in the risk of flu, cold and diseases. Stress can also cause problems with the digestive system. The therapy can help in normalising the functions of the digestive and immune system.

It is a great way to manage your health and wellbeing, try to find a technique that suits your needs and requirements.

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What’s different about pregnancy massage

The main aim of a pregnancy massage is basically the same as a regular massage which is to help you to relax, relieve stress as well as take care of the area of your body that gives you pains.

For women who are pregnant, they usually have problems like hip pain and pain at the lower back or pressure because of the increasing weight of the baby they carry as well as having problems breathing and digestion.


Some changes are normally made for pregnant women who need a massage which are quite different from a regular massage. For instance, after the first trimester pregnant women are no longer placed in the face down position when they receive a massage in order to avoid placing unnecessary pressure on the belly as well as stressing the uterine ligaments.

Apart from this, during the pregnancy and based on how far gone the pregnant women are, they will be given a massage for some time while lying down on their back and moved to their left side or further on in the pregnancy another option is to place the women in a semi-sprawled position. These methods or positions are used in order to prevent the vena cava from being compressed as this can lead to low maternal blood pressure and reduced flow to baby and mother.

If there are any major worries or special directives from the women’s doctors, they are taken into consideration before giving a massage. Majority of the massage will be done with the women lying on their side and being supported by cushions or pillows to provide some measure of safety and comfort.

Unlike a regular massage, there are areas in a pregnant woman’s body that applying intense pressure should be avoided. Such areas include inner parts of the legs, certain parts of the body that support uterine contraction and the abdomen but the abdomen can be massaged gently as this provides a lot of benefit to mother and baby.

Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage offers several benefits to both mother and baby such as:

  • Reducing tension
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Reducing stress
  • Offering relief from joint and muscle pain
  • Reduces swelling
  • Improve digestion
  • Improves the immune system

It is important that women interested in prenatal massage should ensure they find therapists that are certified as well as ask their doctors for advice first.

Therapists who are certified have the required knowledge of the pregnant body and the training to know what needs to be done including what is safe for mothers and their babies.

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Why massage therapy is good for you

The history of the art of massage is old and colourful. From different cultures in Asia to parts of Europe, the delicate art of massage has constantly been reinvented across times and borders.

Famous for providing relief from pain and stress, it has developed into an intricate science with different styles, techniques and positions.  With motions ranging from pressing to kneading the body’s soft tissue with hands, fingers, forearms, elbows and even feet.

The world has taken notice of massage therapy with incursions into the world of sports science, physiotherapy alongside traditional and alternative medicine. With such immense benefits, we take a look at convincing reasons why you should consider incorporating massage therapy into your lifestyle.

Ease stress and stress related conditions

A build-up of stress over time is a precursor of many ailments and should be avoided. Unfortunately, we place ourselves in the firing line of stress every day trying to juggle so many activities and emotions. Stress when improperly managed leads to changes in our behaviour, mind and body. It can create sleep problems, affect our sex drive, cause fatigue and exacerbate anger and anxiety issues.

Massage therapy is thankfully very flexible and can accommodate very tedious lifestyles. For a person facing stress at work a 10 to 15 minutes, chair massage would do wonders and prevent burnout. Massage therapy helps to lower heart rate, relax muscles and bring down blood pressure.  Making massage therapy a part of our lifestyle is undoubtedly essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Facilitates post-operative rehabilitation

As we rush through life oblivious of what is around the corner, life springs a few surprises. Many people who go under the knife often come out unprepared for what is to come. The process of rehabilitation can be slow and painful especially for accident victims as it involves the vital process of relearning.

Massage therapy can ease this process and relax the muscles. It can also increase blood circulation to the affected area, reduce the chances of swelling and the occurrence of scarring by making the muscles supple. Overall, massage therapy can make the recovery process quicker and help to reduce pain on the way to complete rehabilitation.

Flexibility and joint movement

Most adults live a sedentary lifestyle. 9 to 5 workdays are spent hunched over small screens, all the while sitting down. This continual poor posture tightens the joints and leads to a limited range of motions.

Massage therapy helps to loosen up your muscles. It also prepares your body for a workout session, particularly when it is accompanied by light stretching exercises which elongate the muscles.


Participation in sports takes a toll on the body whether professionally or as a hobby. Sporting activities place a demand on your body that it must be ready to meet or there will be a breakdown, with you being the worse for it.

Before any sporting activity, massage therapy prepares your body for what is to come and lightens you. It also aids recovery after activity which is very vital to injury prevention.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07 3870 5990

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Why is Sports Massage important?

Sports massage plays an important role in the life of sportsmen or women whether they are injured or not. Massage provides people with various physical, psychological and physiological benefits.

Sports massage generally prevents injuries and helps the body to be in good condition. It helps an athlete to be more mobile with a boost and increase in performance and helps you extend your sporting career.

Physiological benefits of Sports Massage

  • Sports massage helps in reducing pain in the body. When you receive a sports massage, the body releases endorphins which serve as a natural pain reliever for the body. It reduces pain caused by tension in the body and makes you feel good and improves your state of mind and well-being.
  • It helps the cardiovascular system by dilating the blood vessels which promote circulation. This makes them work effectively and efficiently. By massaging your body, you allow venous blood flow back to the heart and this improves blood flow and allows fresh oxygen and nutrients to be passed into the tissues and assists in the removal of toxins and waste products.
  • It helps you to relax. Muscles relax due to stretching and heat generated. Another benefit derived from this is that with the way you are relaxed during and after a massage, your heart rate lowers.
  • Helps you manage stress better, reduces tension and helps you to relax by stimulating your nervous system. This means your serotonin and dopamine levels are increased while your cortisol levels which are linked to stress are reduced.

Physical benefits of Sports Massage

  • The stroking movements that occur during a massage allow fluid to move through your lymph vessels and blood vessels. This is very essential when it comes to dealing with damaged or tight muscle tissues that squeeze a lot of blood out and will not allow the tissue have the important nutrients and energy needed for repairs.
  • Sports massage helps in stretching muscles that could not be stretched in the typical way. When massaging, many muscles are stretched upwards and downwards as well as sideways. Massage also helps in stretching the fascia that surrounds the muscles and helps to release any pressure or tension that has built up.
  • Having a deep massage allows the pores in tissue membranes to open, making it possible for nutrients and fluids to pass through. This helps in removing waste products from the body and helps the muscles take in oxygen and nutrients that helps them to recover quickly.
  • When you train hard you tend to make your tissues hard and inelastic. This is why some people believe that training hard does not necessarily mean you will achieve good results. Sports massage takes care of this issue by stretching the tissues.

Psychological benefits of Sports Massage

  • Sports massage helps to keep you relaxed and your body in good condition. With this achieved, you are able to feel more comfortable and your anxiety level is reduced.
  • If a massage is properly done especially before an occasion it leaves you invigorated and ready to go.
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Massage Brisbane HICAPS – Why HICAPS is important when getting a massage

A massage is a health treatment that has to do with rubbing or kneading the muscles for medical, therapeutic or relaxation purposes. Over the years, research and clinical studies have proven that massages have long-lasting positive benefits on health and lifestyles by reducing muscle pain, alleviating discomfort and helping to restore balance to the mind and body.

There are various types of techniques, and they all depend on the goal you aim to achieve. Some types of massage therapies include;

  • Musculoskeletal Therapy: for sports performance, injuries, and postural changes
  • Remedial Massages: for tension headaches and regular neck, shoulder or back pain
  • Deep Tissue Massages: for stressed and tired bones
  • Relaxation Massages: for emotional fatigue
  • Pregnancy Massages: to provide ease and comfort throughout the different stages of pregnancy

Massage therapy is best cumulative; the more massages you have, the healthier you feel.
HICAPS allows health service providers to ensure that your private health insurance or Medicare claim can be handled on the spot and when any payment is due. Many health care providers offer HICAPS on the spot, and this is no different at Mobilise Remedial Massage.

Like many other health insurance funds, HICAPS is essential for effecting regular medical services, checkups, and treatments. No health care service is too little or too great for HICAPS. It saves time and stress. This also applies to getting massages and therapeutic treatments from physiotherapists and professional massage services, especially from private clinics and health centres. HICAPS is important when getting massages for the following reasons;

i) In case you spend your personal cash, you can get an instant refund with your claims
ii) Instant health fund claims and rebates on the spot with ease. It saves time and effort as you don’t need to go online or to a Medicare branch to make claims.
iii) HICAPS covers most of the private clinics and spas in Brisbane. Private physiotherapists and other related professionals belong to professional associations that recognise HICAPS.

All you need is to get your private health fund card and have it at the time of payment.

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Getting a massage is beneficial in a lot of ways as it helps you manage your stress levels, helps relieve pain and it is a good way of having some me-time since you are able to relax.

The top 5 Health benefits of massage therapy includes the following:

1. It helps reduce stress levels in the body

Stress can take its toll on one emotionally and physically. The long term effects of stress on the body can cause headaches, increased blood pressure, chest pain, stomach problems and difficulties in sleeping. It can also make the symptoms of some diseases worse. Having a massage can help you reduce your stress levels by lowering your heart rate, relaxing your muscles and reducing your blood pressure.

Feel good chemicals are released into your body that make you calmer and help you overcome stress easily. Massage therapy is capable of increasing ones overall energy and boosting physical and mental performance.

2. It leads to improved blood circulation

Massage therapy creates pressure that helps to move the blood through congested areas. This helps new blood to flow into the body and results into improved body function. Poor blood circulation can cause a lot of discomforts such as fatigue, and body aches. With massage therapy, there is improved circulation which gives the tense muscles blood that is rich in oxygen required for healing.

3. It helps you breathe deeply

Breathing problems can occur when accessory respiratory muscles that are located in the front and the back become regularly tight and shortened. This disrupts the normal breathing patterns. Massage is useful in helping to relax these muscles as it trains the body and helps to improve breathing.

It also helps to improve respiratory problems like bronchitis, sinus, asthma and allergies. Posture can also be corrected with massage as the chest area, rib cage expansion and structural alignment necessary for optimal lung function becomes open.

4. It helps to improve flexibility of the joint

As we age, our joints tighten and it makes flexibility and motion get more restricted. Massage therapy is an important way for improving motion and flexibility. This way your joints are less prone to injuries and they are more fluid.

If you are especially very physically active, it is important to get massages all the time after you have been engaged in rigorous workouts so that your muscles can bounce back. This is because your muscles tend to become loose and you become more prone to sprains and strains in the course of working out.

5. It helps one cope with pain

When you are in pain or you are recovering from an illness or injury, it could be frustrating as it will affect the quality of your life negatively. Massage therapy can help one in coping with the associated pain as it relaxes the muscle and encourage circulatory movement. The body is able to pump more oxygen and other important nutrients into the vital organs and tissues thus helping the injured area to be more flexible and heal faster.

To enjoy the health benefits of massage therapy, you should try and treat yourself to a massage session.

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How Does Remedial Massage Therapy Work?

Mobilise Remedial Massage

One of the most effective ways in which to relieve pain that is consequent of a muscular, joint, nervous or soft tissue problem is remedial massage therapy. Remedial massage therapy is essentially a manual therapy that serves to recondition and activate your body’s musculoskeletal system. It achieves this in a number of ways, however that is not the only assistance that a proficient remedial massage therapist can offer you. An adept massage therapist will have tertiary qualifications and as such, the capacity to diagnose your pain and address it in the most effective manner. Remedial massage therapy can be broken into two main categories; massage therapy and spots massage, both of which are examined below.

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Ewa Halkowska BHScMST, Dip RM, & Relaxation Massage Therapist. Co-Owner

Ewa Promo

Ewa is a Co-Owner of Mobilise Remedial Massage. She is qualified both as an MST, Remedial Massage Therapist and in Relaxation/Hawaiian Massage.

No matter what your issue, Ewa will be able to help. Her high level of knowledge, and dedication to excellence in all parts of body work means you will receive only the best treatment from her. Ewa uses a variety of techniques including dry needling, electro -dry needling, deep tissue massage, trigger points, assisted stretching, muscle energy techniques, joint and neuro mobilisation as well as Rock Taping, exercise prescription and rehab.

Ewa is passionate about helping people reconnect to their body through massage. Whether you are looking for stress relief, relaxation or deeper work, Ewa can use her many skills to help you. She is available for appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Click HERE to book with Ewa today!

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Mobilise Stretch Classes!

shutterstock_159924584Feeling stiff and tight? No time or motivation to stretch at home? Come and stretch with Mobilise!

Our experienced team is now offering stretching classes to get you flexible and pain free. In a group of max. 10 people we will do passive/active stretching, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release and self joint and neuro mobilisation! These advanced stretching classes are run by our highly skilled and experienced Musculoskeletal Therapists who understand how the human body works and who can help you improve your joint range of motion, increase the flexibility of your muscles and lower your musculoskeletal pain levels.

This is not just another stretch class, Mobilise takes stretching to a whole new level that your body will thank you for.

When: Upper Body Saturdays 7am, Lower Body Saturdays 8am. We start on 21/11/2015.

What to bring: Just bring your yoga mat and we provide the rest including a gift bag with a foam roller, spikey ball, Thera-Band and a water bottle!

What to wear: Anything that will not restrict your movement.


Casual Upper or Lower Body Class: $25/1hr

Casual Upper and Lower Body Class: $45/1hr ($22.5/1hr)

2 Months Upper or Lower Body Class: $160 ($20/1hr)

2 Months Upper and Lower Body Class: $300 ($18.75/1hr)


Booking is essential so give us a call today on 07 3870 5990 to secure your spot now!


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Remedial Massage near Wesley Hospital

Mobilise Remedial Massage

In need of a massage after a hospital stay or appointment? Remedial massage is a time-proven way to bring your stress levels down fast, iron out any kinks and painful muscle aches and also help in rehabilitation after surgery or bed rest. If you’re looking for a great remedial massage near Wesley Hospital, you’ve found it with Mobilise Remedial Massage, the pain relief specialists.

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