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massage brisbaneEver heard that drinking water is beneficial after a massage? Perhaps you like most others thought it might have been one of those tales from those old wives. Although it sounds random many people support this proposition including the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) which helps to give the suggestion further credibility as something that helps to get the most from your massage.

But why? According to many practitioners, deep tissue massage releases many toxins from muscles and drinking water after a massage help to ‘flush out’ any accumulated materials and move excess salt, water and other minerals from the muscle. Sounds simple and somewhat logical right?

Unfortunately however the exact reason how water can help ‘move’ materials is much more vague.  Apart from purposes of drinking water for general wellbeing, there is less evidence that massage or drinking water flushes out toxins. Massage does many other things, but it seems the jury is still out as the whether the process helps to detoxify muscles.

It seems at the end of the day, it seems like a scenario that’s similar to a perceived cure for a hangover. If you find it works for you then stick to it, and some people do swear that water after a massage works wonders.

However it’s important to remember that anything the body is going to get rid of will be done through the functioning on a normal metabolism. That’s with water or no water, massage or no massage and there is no rock solid scientific evidence that water speeds this up. With that said however, we do encourage hydration and drinking plenty of water for general wellbeing.

So you’ve heard it here first from the massage therapists at Mobilise Remedial Massage. Water or no water, we’ll give you with a fantastic massage that will do what it is supposed to and that’s to alleviate pain, relax muscles and bring relief from tension – plus a range of other benefits. Plus we’ll also offer you a glass of water afterwards should you be so inclined! To find out more, call 0473 090 442 for our Toowong clinic. See you for a fantastic massage soon!