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There are plenty of reasons to seek out a massage. Injury, body aches and the general pangs and twangs of day-to-day living may just have you calling time out to seek a remedial massage in Toowong. Aside from the obvious ‘feel good’ factors of a professional massage there are also some lesser known benefits of the treatment. We know the physical rewards of massage, as well as the less commonly known ABC’s of massage benefits. Anxiety reduction, mental well-being and tension control are all additional benefits of a professional massage.

A is for anxiety reduction

Anxiety is a real downer and with the hectic pace of life and the demands of daily life, stress related issues need to be kept in check. Anxiety and stress are regulated by cortisol which is commonly known and cleverly titled as ‘the stress hormone’. It reduces the amount of cortisol in the body, allowing anxious reactivity to maintain a normal level. A remedial massage is not only a great break for the body; it is a healthy assistant to the mind as well.

B is for boosting the feel good factor

Massage gives a healthy boost to the chemicals in the body that make us feel good. The neurotransmitters dopamine and seratonin are increased with massages. This increase in the happy juices, boosts our mood. Happiness breeds positivity, and positivity fosters great health.

C is for curbing those tension headaches

Headaches are just unpleasant. They hurt. They can make the best of us tired, grumpy and short tempered. Massages can help. Chronic tension type headaches can be relieved with a professional massage and there is real evidence to prove it. Studies have found that a 30-minute massage can result in a reduction in pain, stress and the anger associated with a tension headache.

We are located in Toowong, Brisbane. Specialising in remedial massage, myotherapy and sports massage, our professional service offers both the well-known physical benefits of massage as well as the important additional mental benefits. Reducing anxiety, feeling good, and being free from headaches caused by tension are genuine benefits that can improve life on the whole.