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One of our recommendations we give to our clients here at Mobilise Remedial Massage to assist with their health and wellbeing is to incorporate daily stretching into their routine. Not only does this help with mobility, if people stretched daily they would have so much more flexibility and feel a whole lot better. We explain the benefits to stretching to complement massage therapy in assisting with mobility below.

See Movement as an Opportunity not a chore.

If picking something up off the floor is a cause for groaning and a lot of effort, it’s likely that stretching is not something that you take time out to do. In fact very few people take time out to stretch. We believe the mindset of movement being a chore needs to change first before mobility can be improved. It often takes small steps, but over time the rewards of stretching become many which include:

Improved Circulation: –

Stretched tissue leaves more room for blood vessels to expand and enter the body, increasing the flow of oxygen to the body and removing and waste products.

Improved Flexibility –

Stretching also improves flexibility and aids motion to the joints. As people age their muscles become shorter and tighter and leaves more susceptibility to tension and injury and stretching helps to counteract this process by increasing flexibility.

Increases your range of motion –

Performing different stretches helps balance and increases the range of motions your body can do. A well stretched body uses less muscle power and allows us to move with greater flow making stretching not only increases the range of movements your body can perform, but also their quality.

Reduces Lower Back Pain –

For the many people that experience lower back pain, stretching will strengthen muscles and make them more resilient to strain and injury.

We live the by mantra that our body is our temple and each body is a good one. Combining regular stretching with massage can help us get more from our bodies and unleash the potential in movement that many people believe is no longer possible. Like exercise, stretching takes work, but the benefits can be noticed quickly, and are absolutely worth experiencing.

If you have problems with stretching due to limited mobility we recommend coming to see us for a consultation to assess your conditions and provide a holistic plan to move your body (and your flexibility) forward.

With our inner Brisbane location, when it comes to your mobility, Mobilise Remedial Massage is the name to remember. Contact us today.