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Welcome to Mobilise, Zac!


Zac comes to us from an 18 month tenure working in the world renowned spa on Hayman Island, a 5 Star Resort in the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands. As with all our new staff, we’ve subjected Zac to our “Mobilise Interview”!

Welcome to Mobilise, Zac! You’ve been working in a 5 Star resort for the past couple of years. How do you think that shaped your treatment style?

Indeed I have. It has had a big influence on my treatment style, as it was my first real introduction to deep tissue work with a deeply varied client base. In all cases your nature needs to be adaption, so as to suit the task at hand. For me, the lesson was to get the elbows, knuckles, thumbs, and palms involved in the process. With a focus on stimulating relaxation while alternating between deeper techniques that may be more painful, such as trigger points.

Why did you choose a career in Remedial Massage?

It would seem it chose me, and we are in a good place. Muscular pain affects all of us at different points in our life, and what better way to deal with it so practically than massage? There is satisfaction in seeing progress unfold right in front of you.

Are you originally from Brisbane?

Born and raised.

What sort of fitness activities do you do for fun?

Quite a mixed bag. Mostly I get up to a bit of: Tennis, Cricket, Swimming, Obstacle Races, Gym Work, chasing the ice-cream van down the street etc…

What parts about Remedial Massage do you most enjoy?

Its flexibility and diversity. You’re always meeting new people and having new challenges. Oh, and it’s one of those jobs where if you do hard work you can literally say you used a bit of elbow grease!

What plans do you have for the future?

Acupuncture & dry needling look like they may be on my horizons at this stage. Its all very interesting, but my plan is to expand my knowledge. I plan to be involved in health and pain management for a long time.

Finally, dog or cat person? Discuss

I’ve housed both actually! But let me say that right now I have two huskies, and we can leave it at that 😉