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massage therapistMany people make claim they can give a good massage, but fewer are actually qualified  to  do so, with a massage by an unqualified ‘therapist’ often being counterproductive and almost always ineffective. Here at Mobilise Remedial Massage, our team of therapists are fully qualified and equipped with the right knowledge to identify sources of pain and tailor specific treatments based on the individual patient. Apart from relevant qualifications and knowledge, today’s blog post looks at some other key skills, knowledge and abilities that characterise a good massage therapist – ours included.

Exceptional Service and Client Care

A good therapist will have a professional demeanour and be able to put clients at ease and make them feel comfortable. They will understand and be able to relate to clients anxieties and possible concerns. A good therapist will always look after the client to ensure that they are comfortable as possible, even when working with sensitive and tense muscle tissue.

Asks the right questions

Experienced and effective therapists will be able to determine causes of pain from asking relevant questions about medical history, working background, exercise routines and other questions which ascertain causes of the pain. They will remember and use this information to customise a treatment that suits each patient. A good therapist will never use a ‘one size fits all’ approach in their therapy.

Listens to needs of the patient

A good massage therapist will be able to interpret signs from the patient and adapt treatment to any changing requirements throughout the massage. A massage that is too hard in certain places is counterproductive as it causes the patient to tense their muscles. A good massage will be performed by a therapist who is a good listener and is intuitive to the patient’s needs.

Technique and Skills

We can’t forget about technique. A good massage is all about having techniques that relieve muscle tension in the right areas. It is about applying a variety of motions which have different effects, depending on the style of massage. Whether it is to loosen muscles, relieve tension or simply to just relax, the technique of the massage should suit the style and purpose of the massage. Good therapists are equipped with a variety of techniques to call upon.

Here at Mobilise Remedial Massage, our team know exactly what constitutes a good massage therapist and by extension a good massage. This enables us to deliver these qualities and abilities directly to our clients to make sure our remedial massages, sports massage and musculoskeletal therapy is effective and brings desired results. To book an appointed with one of our qualified professionals therapists please call 0473 090 442 for our Toowong clinic, or book online today!