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Massage therapyTorticollis or also known as wry neck, is a spasm of unilateral neck muscles causing an unusual positioning of the neck and head. There is also acute acquired torticollis, which is a painful, unilateral shortening or spasm of the muscles in the neck, causing an unusual head position.You might experience difficulty in turning the head as well as headaches. Even though some cases are inherited, most of the times, torticollis is caused by muscle and nerve damage.

One the most effective treatments for torticollis is Myotherapy.

Myotherapy and Massage therapy for Torticollis

Here at Mobilise Remedial Massage we often treat patients with torticollis with a Myotherapy session. The treatment consists of a combination of a gentle massage, traction, gentle joint mobilisations, and MET stretching to help the tissues of your neck relax.

Your therapist will start by slowly massaging your neck; stretching and kneading gently all the tissues of your neck. The reason why we do this is to relax and stretch the external tissue first and then work more deeply. By doing this each layer of tissue and muscle will be softened and stretched. Later fingertips, palm or knuckles will be used to stretch muscles such as the strenocleidomastoid.

While the neck muscles relax, your massage therapists will begin to stretch your neck in order to move it in its full range of motion. Once your neck muscles are more relaxed, your therapist will start searching for trigger points, which are pain referral points that have tightened in your muscle. By pressing and holding each trigger point your muscles will begin to relax even further.

We may also use gentle joint mobilisations for any contributing thoracic or cervical issues, including facet joint dysfunctions or hypomobility. We can also use techniques such as dry needling, gentle traction or neurological stretching to help reduce the muscle spasm and pain. All of these techniques will be explained and discussed with you – and none will be painful.

We can also use sport or Rock taping to support the area for the next day or two, to ensure your neck stays away from further spasm.

Once your treatment is over you can apply hot and cold packs to your neck. You can use them a few times a day. Also, keep gently stretching your neck muscles to keep them relaxed (using the rehabilitation plan we provide).

If you have any questions regarding this or other types of massage therapies, you can call us on 0473 090 442 or send us an online enquiry. We’d love to hear from you!