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massage therapy

There are many reasons that people delay getting a massage. You might convince yourself that a massage is a self-indulgent luxury that you can’t justify, the discomfort in your muscles isn’t really that bad, or that the stress and anxiety in your day to day life is just something that you have to deal with. Well guess what? There are just as many reasons not put off getting a professional massage any longer, and here at Mobilise Remedial Massage we have experts to help you.  After a good massage, you’ll wonder why you’ve waited so long.

  1. Better Posture. A professional massage works wonders for posture. After sitting at work stations all day, or standing for hours on end like many people do in their day jobs, posture can suffer. A good massage can correct the tense muscles in the back and neck which influences people’s posture.
  2. Massage is Mind Calming – As you lay down and let our therapists do the work, your mind can truly relax. Massage has also been shown to reduce stress levels including the stress related hormone cortisol. Research also shows that regular massage increases feel good hormones like dopamine.
  3. Looks after yourself and reduce stress – Many people consider massage to be a self-indulgent activity, which it is – but not for selfish reasons. After all, if you don’t care for yourself first, you won’t be in a position to help others. For many massage is a way to schedule some much needed ‘me ‘ time and step away from the stresses of day-to-day life for a short period. After a massage you can return to your daily responsibilities feeling recharged and with renewed energy to face life head on.
  4. Benefits Skin and Muscle Tone – The essential oils used in massage therapy work wonders to restore skin to look healthy and revitalised. Massage also can decrease muscle deterioration and benefits muscle tone by loosening tightened muscle areas.
  5. Reduces tension for a better night sleep. Everyone knows that without a good night’s sleep you can’t perform at your best. What people don’t know however is that people are often kept up at night through muscle tension and an overactive nervous system which a good massage can help correct.
  6. Improves your body’s circulation – Massage get the blood flowing throughout the body and promotes oxygen distribution throughout the blood. People suffering from arthritis, muscle strains, and other soft tissue conditions especially benefit from massage.
  7. Get your flexibility back – You may not be as limber as you once were, but a massage will work wonders in your mobility and flexibility but loosening up muscle areas where movement was inhibited.

It’s true what they say. You won’t know yourself after a massage. And you won’t know what you’re missing until you treat yourself today. Don’t you owe it to yourself? Call the masters of massage today and book yourself in for an experience with benefits that have to be experienced to be believed. Phone 0473 090 442 for our Toowong clinic or BOOK ONLINE today! See you for a massage soon!